We have moved!

Although our theater renovations are not complete, you can find us each Sunday at 10:00AM out under the big white tent at 1275 US HWY 2 West in Kalispell. Once our renovations are complete, we will announce a grand opening for the community. Read the details.


Word Explosion

Starting on Sept. 24th, this class is for those who want to go beyond just Bible reading to understanding and revelation. We will look at ways to look at God’s Word with Holy Spirit and receive life-changing wisdom and insights that open up heavenly direction and the knowledge of God and His ways. This will run 4 weeks at the Cowboy Church building, 7:00 to 9:00 PM. Please contact our office if you plan to attend.


Help Us Finish Our New Building

In order to occupy the rest of our building before cold weather sets in, we are asking that the members of our church family continue to come participate in the work. We have work parties on Tuesday evening, Thursday evening, and all day Saturday. In addition, there are small tasks that you can do any time during our regular office hours even if you only have an hour or two during your days. You can also donate toward the building project.