We strongly believe in the mandate to train children in the ways of the Lord. We consider all those who work with the children to be ministers of the Gospel. We believe that children are gifts from God, a present blessing and our future hope. As such, they deserve the same quality of ministry that we offer to adults. We believe that God does not give kids a "junior-size" Holy Spirit, but that they can know God and walk with Him now in the fullness of the Holy Spirit.


Our mission is to plant seeds of God’s love in the hearts of children so that they may know Jesus Christ, become like Him, and make Him known. Our goal is to create a fun, exciting environment in which each child will experience God’s love and power.


Infants and Toddlers


We believe that we can have a positive impact on children right from birth! In our nursery, we strive to have the best environment possible. We work hard to create a clean, safe place for babies and toddlers during the Sunday morning service. The nursery staff is composed of dedicated, loving and mature volunteers. We desire to offer each child a warm and loving atmosphere, along with a positive experience of being in church. We believe in ministering to even the youngest among us and attempt to bless each child in Jesus’ name. We are not just offering a baby sitting service, but a ministry to our little ones.


Pre-school and Kindergarten


For children ages 3-5, we begin to offer more structured teaching. We have loving, qualified teachers who demonstrate the love of God to each child. We offer play time and snacks, and we also offer a directed time of teaching the children from the Word of God in ways that their little hearts can grasp. We want to support what the parents are teaching in the home and further exemplify the truths in the Bible. Our hope is that the children will respond with joy to being in God’s house.


Elementary Age


For elementary age children, we offer KID’S CHURCH! In Kid’s Church we have games, drama, puppet-skits, stories and meaningful Bible lessons. We have a great team of adults and youth helpers who minister to these kids each week. Our goal is to equip them to walk in God’s ways in the midst of a culture that often is going in the opposite direction. We purpose to make every child feel loved, so we have many opportunities for the kids to be involved in each week’s lesson. We give lots of rewards for participation and for demonstrating the fruits of the Holy Spirit. Each week the kids are challenged to have a relationship with the God who loves them and to walk out their faith in their daily lives. They are also given an opportunity to reach out in practical ways to those less fortunate than themselves and to begin discovering the Bible for themselves. KID’S CHURCH is deliberately action packed and geared for fun!