Important Announcement Regarding Gatherings at The River and the Corona Virus


We are praising God for this breakthrough in our state! As you may have heard, the Governor has begun the first of three phases of reopening our state. While many were concerned that churches would be the last to be released, churches were made the FIRST to be released from the stay-at-home directive—even ahead of businesses and restaurants. With that release, we are resuming our Sunday morning services at 10:00A.M.


There are some limitations that have been given with the release, and so we need to share some important details with you. While we are grateful to worship together, it will not be church as usual. Your flexibility will be very important so we can all have the best experience.


Social distancing is still required. Part of the release we’ve been given still requires that we maintain social distancing between people who are not members of the same household. This applies to our seating, entering and exiting, and transitioning through the hallways. We need to be sure that everyone is not getting bottlenecked on their way through the building, so we must ask that you do not congregate in the hallways or the coffee shop.


Seating. We will have to seat households with a 6ft distance between them and other people. In order to accomplish this, our ushers will show you where to sit. (We will be having to skip rows and create a checkerboard pattern to accomplish appropriate spacing.) This will cut the number of available seats significantly, so it is imperative that we follow this setup to fit the maximum number of people inside. In order to further facilitate this, we have opened up Theater 2 as an overflow room with a live video feed from Theater 1.


Timeliness. It will take more time to get everyone situated, so please plan on coming 15-20 minutes early. Seating in Theater 1 is first-come-first-serve.


Children. We are offering children’s ministry at reduced capacity. (We will ONLY be allowing children whose parents are attending the service, not children who are coming with extended family, friends, or babysitters.) We will be diligent about sanitation. For ages 6-12, we will be having them separated by 6ft and watching a special Sunday School video. For the preschool and nursery, we will be operating with the same precautions that are required of daycares right now, realizing that the youngest of children cannot be separated and some must be held by an adult. We can only accommodate 10 children in preschool and 6 in nursery. After that, we will not be able to accept any more.


We are highly expectant that God is going to do powerful things in our midst. He has not changed, but many of us are coming back changed. Our focus is sharper than ever before, and we are excited to see how God may be able to move in our midst now in ways that He’s been waiting for so long to do.