Values and Priorities


The pursuit of God's Presence


Our highest value is the pursuit of God. We are hungry to know and experience God’s presence, hear His voice and follow hard after Him. We desire to encounter the living God. We are not satisfied to talk about a God who cannot be experienced. To do so would be futile and less than the example of Scripture in which individuals knew God because they saw Him, heard Him, and felt His presence as He revealed His glory to them.


The Kingdom of God


The primary message of Jesus was about the Kingdom of His Father. The reason Jesus died on the cross to forgive our sins is so that we could live in the Kingdom. We believe that the Kingdom of God is a present reality. Jesus commanded us to pray that the Kingdom would come on earth as it is in Heaven. We aim to move in all the signs of the present fulfillment of God’s Kingdom. Because it was the primary focus of Jesus' ministry and message, it is also ours.




Jesus called disciples to follow Him. We are not content to give lip-service to a doctrine, theology, or religion. We aim first to follow Jesus and be like Him in every way possible. We live to hear His words and obey them, to see His works and model them. As we follow Christ, we also call others to follow Him.


Spiritual family


The Kingdom of God is most fully expressed as family. Jesus lived to reveal the Father, to be loved by the Father, and to release the love of the Father. The Kingdom is a "family business" and we believe family is the blueprint of Heaven. We understand that the Church is primarily a family, not an organization. Without love, we have nothing. We treat one another with honor and love as spiritual brothers and sisters, and we place a high value on honoring spiritual mothers and fathers who help us grow in our faith.


Being culture-current


We attempt to develop an atmosphere in which churched and unchurched people who experience our ministry will be able to encounter God's truth, love, and power. To this end we use music, language, artistic style, media, and technology that is contemporary to the cultures in which we minister.


Unity and Renewal for the whole Body of Christ


We aim to maintain unity by honoring all who call on Jesus’ Name and by seeking reconciliation with all parts of the Body and blessing the whole Body of Christ. Our premise is that God loves the whole church, even those with differing views, theologies and practices. We want to be a part of God’s ministry to the whole church. In so doing, as a by-product, we are also renewed.


The Word of God


A priority for is the pursuit of God's word in the scriptures. We actively work to conformour lives to the teaching of the Bible. We believe in teaching and responding to the Word of God. It is through the application of God’s Word to our lives and the submission to God’s Word that we build solid lives and find wisdom.


Missions, Training and Equipping


In Genesis 12, a covenant was made with Abraham. This covenant was simple, “I will bless you and you will be a blessing and all peoples on earth will be blessed through you.” We are committed to this covenant and recognize our responsibility to give away that which God has given us. We believe all Christians should be trained to release the ministry of Jesus. We want to be an army and not an audience, so we encourage every person in our church family to freely give away the love, truth, and power that God has freely given them. This translates into a commitment to mobilize many from our church family to go out. We dedicate time and resources to go to the nations so that Jesus receives all He died for.